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The Boilersuit Cult

31 January 2019

boilersuit, and other stories, corduroy, how to wear a boilersuit, trend, fashion

Topshop new in edit

16 January 2019

graphic design, topshop, cover image, blush, maroon


14 January 2019

Silver Mood | Clinique #PureGenius

18 November 2018

clinique, pure genius, dramatically different moisturizing gelly, love improchori, skincare, moisturizer

pico IRL

17 November 2018

pico, pico the store, api little darling, little darling handmade, love improchori, gold plated, semi precious, gifting, christmas gift

Autumn Dressing #02

30 October 2018

parisian style, autumn outfit, fall winter, camel, red, the last lolita,

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