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19 September 2010 Thessalonika, Greece

Wonderful. Last night was just magical. We had the best time at the Prodigy concert. Words continue to elude me and I'm left unable to describe it. The only thing I can say is that I couldn't stop dancing, I couldn't stop smiling, I couldn't believe how much fun I was having.

Wow. This was the best farewell I could have wished for. Afterwords at the Reworks fest, which was the opposite of Prodigy, it balanced my energy so well. Moderat were good. I closed my eyes and lost myself in their songs. I dreamt of a million things, I thought of all the great memories I have from these past months. The people, the music, the good times that I will remember forever.

Well. Tomorrow is the day I return to London. It's about time I think. It's ok to feel a bit nostalgic today.

Cheerio and talk to you all soon :)


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