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2 December 2010

Sooooo, hello!

Everyone feeling the cold? How about some snow? It's been snowing for two days in London; it's been great! Cold. But great! It was amazing that it started snowing on the 1st of December -I took it as a sign of luck!

It's been kind of chaotic on my little workspace, more and more supplies arrive at my door everyday! I'm so excited to see them up close and feel their textures! I can never wait until everything has arrived, the moment I touch them, I have to make something with them! So I pour everything out of their little protective bags on my desk put some great music on and start the process!

Speaking of good music, I went to the Arcade Fire concert last night with my roomate, we had a fantastic time! I wish I could go again tonight..oh well! They used video projections and special light effects and they really put on a show, I definitely recommend you go see them if you can! (Photos and videos are still in my camera -I will share them once I download them on my pc)

and a quick note that I have been updating my etsy shop like crazy -and will continue to do so! Head over to the shop to see what's new:

since a lot of you have been asking, I accept PayPal, credit cards and bank deposits. You can always contact me to ask me anything you want at


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