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1 January 2011

My my, how fast time goes by! I'll miss 2010 so much because it brought me so many good things but I'm so happy to welcome a new and exciting year! Starting are 11 things I'm looking forward to do in 2011:

  1. Work on a secret project with my best friend and photographer, Artemis! We wanted to work on it since we were in high school!
  2. Work on Little Darling* jewellery and blog and accomplish all the goals I have set for it.
  3. Bake more cakes and pies.
  4. Read more books!
  5. Take more photos.
  6. See the Decemberists live in London.
  7. Visit a new place, preferably a warm and sunny place.
  8. Put all these pretty fabrics I have lying around in my room to good use. ;)
  9. Explore and stroll around London more.
  10. Watch a movie per night or at least 5 in a week.
  11. Spend tons of time with my loved ones! (whether they live here or in Greece!)
I hope the new year brings to you what the last one didn't!


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