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12 April 2011

It's the time of the year when all fashion design students in their third year are running around like crazy trying to finish their beloved collections and portfolios on time. I miss last year so much, it was a lot of hard work but I got to realize a dream and for that I will cherish it forever!

"for stars will rise again" - my final year collection the day of the hand-in last year

So last year (it was about time I shared this) I was nominated for the John Adam Portfolio Award at Graduate Fashion Week. I had already gone back to Greece for the summer and had no idea about it whatsoever, until one fateful day my nomination document arrived in the mail. I was shocked and I think I passed out for a couple of seconds..and of course I screamed, duh!

yours truly on cloud nine

and here are some photos of the nominated piece:

good luck to everyone who is handing in!



  1. Oh goodness! Your collection looks very cool and the book you made with it is really cute. :) Congrats on the award!! Love books like this.

  2. hey!

    i'm thinking of dedicating another post to the collection cause you can't see everything properly here, or not..anyhoo, i don't know! :S haha

    thank you very much! :)


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