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5 June 2011

Aloha! oooh such a glorious day! (if you exclude the pouring rain and that the traffic made me miss a car boot sale!) But man-oh-man am I excited! I'm happy to announce that all these pretty fabrics mentioned in a previous post were put to good use and hopefully will make you smile and dream of summer outfits! A small collection of colorful skirts is here to sweep you of your feet! I'll make a listing on my etsy shop first thing tomorrow! It took me two days, two seasons of Friends, countless summer songs and a lot of mango juice to make all of them! It's so addictive and so so so much fun making them, hope you like em! 

These are all the fabrics you can choose from:

I would love to tell you which is my favorite but I think it's kind of impossible for me to choose! 
(okay oookay maybe the light blue with the Moomins!)

They are perfect for summer...just imagine: boiling heat outside -which requires light fabrics, you also want your legs to catch some rays and you only have one clean t-shirt left..what do you do? Throw on one of these cuties and boom you got yourself an outfit! Now that was easy..right?



  1. i'm a sucker for anything polka dot! the fabrics you choose are so cute!!

  2. All of the choices look amazing! Your sandals are very nice by the way



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