film stills // juno

16 June 2011

Hi! A ridiculously enormous amount of film stills from "Juno" is following. You've been warned! (and this is just a small selection from the ones I took last night) I thought it would be fun to share stills from my favorite movies. Hope you like 'em!

image source: personal stills

I love this movie, it's so sweet! Ellen Page is just so cute -I'm pretty sure she is part cupcake. And just how absolutely adorable is Michael Cera..? they make an awesome couple.

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  1. Hahaha perfect movie!! To myspace se ethapse ligo, opote pigaina na patisw to link pou mas eixes steilei se msg mou edeixne msg pws einai spam :/ Nice blog dear!

  2. to myspace einai nekro :/
    xairomai pou me ksethapses!



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