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2 February 2013

chloe norgaard, colourful hair, pastel hair, orange, pink, yellow
chloe norgaard, lilac hair, pastel hair
chloe norgaard, serge denimes, oliver proudlock, hoodie, sweater, pastel hair
chloe norgaard, mermaid hair, pastel hair, blue hair
chloe norgaard, lilac hair, pose, model, shoot, photoshoot, pastel hair, mermaid hair
chloe norgaard, festival hair, green hair, lilac hair
chloe norgaard, editorial, fashion editorial, colorful locks,
chloe norgaard, pastel hair, backstage, catwalk show

Absolutely love her rainbow coloured locks, would like to try it if I wasn't such a chicken. 
Chloe Norgaard you are a goddess.


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