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29 July 2014

dress H&M | necklace Butler & Wilson | shoes Zara

This one was initially called "Wilma", after Wilma Flintstone of course. There is a slight resemblance, don't you think? Go on Google it, you'll see that we are practically twins...right? riiiight? But yes I felt that Rawr gave it a boost, like I was suddenly a few inches taller (and of course who says no to few more inches? Probably Karlie Kloss). 

So this shapeshifter of a dress isn't really a dress, it's a scarf! *gasp* -best trick I know. It's rather simple to emulate with a nice oversized scarf. I love this one, the red is so intense. Are you ready? Grab a scarf!

How to wear a scarf as a dress:

Hold one edge over your chest, grab the other and wrap around once twisting as you go, take wrapped edge over shoulder so that the two edges meet, now tie a neat knot and voila. Done and in record time, too. If you want to conceal the knot you can accessorize cleverly with a mahoosive necklace, like the one I'm wearing. Belt optional, it looks flowy and cool without but I wanted to show some leg (cause the back just wasn't enough). 

I wore this on New Year's eve a couple of years ago but think it can work for the beach as well. No fuss outfits are my favorite whether they are formal or not. 

I took the liberty and did a little research for you in case you wanted to try this out. Make sure you check the dimensions if you buy online -the long side should be enough to wrap around you and the shorter side should be as long as you want the dress to be! As a guide mine was 200cm long x 95cm wide.

one | two | three | four | five

photos by Esta Verzoviti


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