look // purple rain

15 November 2014

z for accessorize, accessorize, zara simon, jewellery
coat H&M (similar ) | knit Warehouse (similar) | jeans Zara | wedges Topshop (similar but love these and these) | necklace Z for Accessorize

photos by Esta Verzoviti

see my smug smile? that's because it was raining and I was in front of a purple door. aaah I love it when the universe leaves aside the important things for a mere second to allow for a pun like this to happen. so yes, it was raining, but also yes we are a duo of super professional go getters and yes we managed to bring this outfit to you even under these severe weather conditions. It's all about priorities people, snap first, look for shelter after. 

PS: I know that you might have developed feelings for me, it's no secret I have feelings for you, too. (I'm doing a heart shape with my hands, just for YOU) But in case you still haven't maybe this will help? Use discount code "November" at checkout for a cool -20% off your purchase. Treat yo self!


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  1. oh, beautiful.. And the rain... I would so wear this in rain XD


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