the Love List // pom pom shoes

13 September 2015

I will not deny it, I might have a healthy addiction to fluffy shoes. Evidence hereherehere and here. As a good Samaritan I must tell you about the beauty and life changing powers of pom shoes. They spice up any outfit, they make people laugh hysterically (true story), they are a conversation starter: " -hey is that a pom on your shoe? -oh yes, yes it is -that is some cool shit -don't I know it?" Now you must share the knowledge and let everyone know about these. Buy a pair and join the Pom Crusaders. 


  1. Yes i love this post, i already own a pair of pom pom plimsolls but i needed this post, my wishlist is now filled!

    Dana || Fashion Dew

    1. happy to see there are fellow pom lovers out there! x



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