look // the Glitch in RGB

6 February 2016

knit VIDEO | shades Zara | skirt Pull & Bear | kicks Nike | bruises on my legs All Mine

photos by Martyn Leung

Colourbomb dot com. 

I'm back! I missed my little online home but I took a much needed break to work on VIDEO. It's been challenging trying to juggle my full time job, my blog and my two side hustles (VIDEO and Little Darling* handmade). Thankfully I have the world's most supportive and helpful family so it has been a lot easier and a lot less stressful. 

This one is called the Glitch, I feel it's pretty obvious why -it looks like one. Mind blown? I love the way the colours intertwine in this over the top carnival of bright colours. It comes in four different colour combinations so you can choose the degree of colourbombness. Yes that is an actual word I just made up as no words that currently exist can describe it better. 

My little Zara sunnies that fit my small face perfectly are falling apart -crying face emoji, not the one with the one tear, I'm talking streams/rivers of tears- 
favorite cat eye sunglasses edit:


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