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10 June 2017 Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

You might have seen that I visited dreamy Majorca a little while ago. Well, Majorca is an island and a proper one at that, you know, with seasons? Unlike England. I packed super light as per usual and off I went. 

What I consider beach side necessities are as few and light items as possible. I tend to explore and move a lot whilst on holiday and I've made it a habit to always travel as light as possible. No need for unnecessary items that weigh me down.

Most of my childhood summers were spent in Halkidiki, Greece and all I ever needed was a swimsuit really (okay and a little pouch to store all the seashells I could find). Once you put your swimsuit on, BOOM, you are ready for strolls at the beach, relax poolside or do any other activity by your preferred body of water. Read on to see what I usually pack for a summer getaway.

Neutral Palette

I find it easier to mix and match items together if they belong in similar colour families. I am forever a lover of whites in the summertime so neutrals are a go to when packing for a summer holiday. At the moment I'm loving this circle straw bag by Ref and my oh so chic -nod to my Greek heritage - sandals from the not so Greek Pull & Bear. The bag is a dream and has received so many compliments. Just to clarify, the compliments go to the bag, not me (side eye emoji with a miture of eyeroll thrown in too). It fits all my summer essentials, I tried and tested it in real life so it's for real.

 Straw Bags

The Towel

I have a summer towel that I have used ever since I was a baby, like it has legit lasted for over 20 years -not sure who the maker is but kudos for the quality. (PS isn't this cool? Having one item to use until it falls into pieces? It will only get better with time and also would you need more than one beach towel? I think not.) When I first got it, or rather my mother got it for me, it had a bright red background with a picture of Mickey Mouse in a Hawaiian shirt pulling up his sunglasses like the cool rodent that he is. It is the towel I take to my first trip to the beach in Greece every year, it's my small tradition to mark the start of summer. Today its colour might be a faded peach but Mickey is still all smiles, charming as ever, and it's still my favorite thing to carry to the beach. I flew to Majorca from London and didn't have my trusty Mickey towel as it currently resides at my parent's house in Thessaloniki so opted for a light Turkish hammam towel (aka peshtemal) which will also accompany me to the sauna. It's super absorbent even though it's very light and dries fast making it the perfect beach companion. I got the small one in the pic below for my hair and a larger one (pic) for my bod-ay.

Hammam towels

The swimsuit

I decided to go for the Formby Swimsuit by Jack Wills, a simple striped number, as I thought it would be THE piece for this summer. The quality is great, both in cut and material. It's made from a sturdy and somewhat structured fabric that dries fast. The cut is unbelievably flattering -even on my petite frame. The cut in the waist and the high leg is just dreamy. Do I look taller? Thanks to my swimsuit.

*swimsuit c/o Jack Wills

Jack Wills Swimwear


Now my sandals go through A LOT. I climb rocky areas to reach secluded beaches, I wear them with wet and salty feet, I throw them around all the time -they generally don't have a good time with me. THE best sandals I had ever gotten were a pair of multi strap slash gladiator slash ancient Greekish pair from Asos (apologies no pic available but they loosely resemble these ones) they lasted me 3 whole summers and I got them in two colours -they were da bomb dot com. Last summer I found the below pair in Pull & Bear and I must say they have done well considering. 

*Sidenote* If you are ever in Athens do pay a visit to the legendary sandal maker Melissinos and chose from a wide variety of styles. Whatever style you chose to go for, the Poet Sandalmaker will fit it on your fit on the spot, too.  

Summer Sandals

images taken by Koel


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