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18 November 2018

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self portraits / make up by Simonetta Tsapanou

My skin has its ups and downs. I have tried every product under the sun. Anything that promises a hydrated, glowy and clear complexion has my attention. Sometimes it's easy weeding the bad ones out and honing in to a sort of regime. Sometimes not so much and you have to go through a small period of time where your skin is super angry with you. You have to be careful not to mix products with certain ingredients as they might cause a reaction yada yada yada.

If you have so much as had a glimpse at the tip of the beauty iceberg you know there's lots of rules. And steps. My god so many steps. And layers. And potions. And this is without taking into consideration external factors like pollution. 

As with most human beings, my life revolves around survival and a bit of frivolity here and there. Foraging for food, binging on Netflix series, getting acquainted with suitable mates for the ultimate goal of procreation and thus the continuation of the human race, advancing in my career, and the most elusive of them all: discovering not new land BUT a moisturizer that can protect me from pollution, which is increasing at an alarmingly fast rate.

As humans evolve, so do all the things that revolve around them. From monstrous computers that took up entire rooms to handheld monitors that notify us for a myriad of important/unimportant bits of information. From the promise of one material that can last forever and solve all of our problems, to trying to substitute every bit of plastic in our lives. Same goes with beauty products, cutting edge technology and studies on the earth's pollution levels as well as the day to day lives of the millennial population have caused a major advance in the beauty sector.

If you are a woman in her thirties chances are that at some point in your life you heard about or even used the 3 step program by Clinique. Sound familiar? It's the same trusted products only upgraded to suit our current needs.

Clinique Greece was kind enough to send me a sample of the brand new Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly to try out and I have been doing so for a month now. At first I was very skeptical as the consistency is very watery and I thought to myself "meh what good will this do?" That only lasted the first few days as I quickly came to like the texture and how my skin felt after application. It feels like it works quite deep in your skin causing the newer skin layers to be less irritated and more hydrated. A winning combo. I have tested it with make up and it's a really good base as it's oil free and leaves no residue and also tried putting it in the fridge for a more quenching feeling -it was goood! I'm defo buying a bottle when I run out!

*this post was not sponsored, all opinions my own. 


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