20 June 2019

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Oh my lordy lord I have missed this place. 

I miss writing out my thoughts and what I've been up to. It helps clear my mind and hones my focus so I'm trying to get back to it. I realized I was over complicating things, trying to make things look a certain way or doing all the research and then never going through with presenting my finds here. The amount of drafts that has amassed is just ludicrous. I want to scale back and to streamline my blogging process. The one thing that comes easy to me is words so I'm starting with this and hopefully I'll be more present in this space. 

A few things I've been up to:

I decided to move back to Greece after 10 years in the UK, next month it will be two years since I've been back.

I now work on my jewellery brand which I've had since 2007 (!) full time. I decided it was time for a rebrand so what was formerly known as Little Darling Handmade (and basically the reason why I started this blog) is now pico

I found the dreamiest loft type space and have spent the past 7 months renovating & furnishing it. Boy does it take ages for it to come together! There's an #imbrostudio Highlight on my Instagram if you wish to see some of the process. 

I've also been working on the dreamiest project with my mother and aunt. It has been such a thrill to work with them and I can't wait to share more. Peek some bits here.

aaand the cherry on top is that the #imbropets fam got a new member, my lil Lola Miu who will turn 1 in a couple of weeks!


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