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15 July 2019

Two sisters, four hands. 

Four Hands studio is a labour of love. It is a collaborative project between myself and the women behind Four Hands studio, who are none other than my mother, Stella and her sister (and my favorite aunt) Helen. They are avid cross-stitchers and first started out in embroidery when they were in kindergarten as part of their school work. 

You can see my mamma sat on a footstool and my auntie behind the Christmas tree in the picture below -peep the hand embroidered pillow at the back made by my grandma circa the 1960s.

They always make the most stunning items for our home, it was only a matter of time until I asked them if they would like to work together on a small collection of hand embroidered cushions to be sold exclusively on picothestore.com.

We kicked things off in February 2018 when we ventured to our local thread shop and picked any colours that caught our eye. For reference, this is what a trip to the thread shop looks like for us:

After picking out the colours and deciding on the embroidery designs, it was time to get started on transforming threads and fabric into cushions! Each cushion consists of a fully embroidered front panel matched back with some gorgeous vintage fabrics I sourced on a trip to Athens.

These beauties can take up to a week to be made as each of the crosses you see is hand stitched onto the soft cotton ayda fabric. On top of that, each cushion is one of a kind, we can only produce a certain amount!

My role is to take the embroidered panels and make them into cushions. By chance I scored an old industrial machine last year and was itching to find a project to use it. 

It has been such a creative process, I have loved every second of it and needless to say that I'm immensely proud of our work.

If you wish to keep up with four hands studio, follow the dedicated Instagram account, here.

The limited run of handmade cushions will debut at The London Artisan on the 19th & 20th of October and will be available here following that. 

We hope you love them!

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