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9 August 2014

feather shoes, dreamy shoes, pink, feather, dreamy
denim jacket Topshop | dress (this or this) | shoes Asos (similar)

I'm currently laying on the grassy greens of Wilderness festival. Here is Saturday's inspiration!

If Playground Love was an outfit that would be it. Like a girl in a flirty white dress, an oversized denim jacket thrown over the shoulders -probably borrowed from a boy- and killer bedroom inspired shoes. A balance between girl and woman. I can see a grown up Lux Lisbon in this. Such a dreamy girl, such a dreamy movie. If I haven't mentioned it before Sofia Coppola is one of my favorite directors, along with Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry. The sets and costumes always inspire and stay with me. I carry elements subconsciously in my outfits. 

photos by Esta Verzoviti


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