6 September 2014

shirt family heirloom | skirt DIY dress to skirt (i like this and this) | shoes Zara (1, 2, 3) | earrings Accessorize

Apart from being beatiful, this shirt is also very special. My grandma made it for my grandpa after they got engaged back in 1957. She made the pattern and sewing and embroidered his initials all by herself. She was a wondrous designer back in the day (i mean look at that collar!); shirts, dresses, detachable collars (light years ahead) and even bras were among her creations. I guess it makes sense that I choose to study Fashion Design! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh? As you might have noticed I love wearing clothes that belong to my family (see this, this and this). My loved ones mean the world to me and this is a way to keep them close even though we live miles -or countries rather- away.

photos by Esta Verzoviti


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