outfit // xmas dinner

11 December 2014

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It might look like a festive and fun outfit that will get you through Jesus' Birthday but there is a masterplan behind this seemingly innocent get up. Let me elaborate...the skirt cleverly sits on the waist so the belly can have all the fun it wants. Stuffing? sure! More potatoes with my turkey? Yesh puh-leeease! I'm telling you, NO one will notice that food baby. Even if the skirt fails you have lush fluffy pom poms on your head, velvety kissable lips and smell like a dream. Still not working for ya? You hold the starry sky in your hands and part of it on your feet, too. Last resort to snap a picture in their face and run away, you silly turkey. Just make sure the flash is on!Okay peace and love girls and boys have a grand Christmas day!


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  1. LOVE the headpiece! great combination <3


    p.s. win a blogpresentation!


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