look // that 70s dress

11 April 2015

dress Topshop | earrings Z for Accessorize | coat vintage 

photos by Esta Verzoviti

We shot this 70s wonder of a dress in our midcentury Airbnb apartment in Amsterdam. How awesome is this place? We were very very deeply and utterly sad to have to leave it, but there is always next time! 

Moving on to the love story now...the two of us spotted each other on Instagram, I looked at it with eyes full of lust and asked it where I could find it. It was playing hard to get but I was determined to make it mine, I looked for it in store after store (after store, after store -I literally went on a hunt you guys) till I finally noticed it hiding behind a suede jacket, I ran to it, gazed upon it and removed it from the hanger but alas fate played me -it was too big for me. My eyes started to water "Sir -my voice breaking- can you please check if you have a smaller size for a pint sized girl?". The moments that followed were filled with panic until I saw him holding IT in his arms. Filled with joy we made our way to the till where we made it official, it was going to be mine and I its. The rest is history, we have been living happily ever after. 

Such gorgeous delicate lace, perfect bell sleeves and an open back -it has my name written all over it. As I told you I went on a mini hunt as it was sold out everywhere -make sure you grab one asap! I didn't feel the outfit needed anything else, I wanted the dress to be the main focus. The coat is perfect as it covers you up, well till you take it off. And then to finish it off I put my dainty hoop star earrings from the Z for Accessorize range. 


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  1. That dress is so pretty! I wish I could get away with wearing something like that, unfortunately that shape does nothing for my figure :( xx


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