Wildwood & Rainy July

23 July 2015

dress Wildwood | hat Blanc | bag Rainy July

photos by Martyn Leung

Yet another wonderful creation by Greek Fashion brand Wildwood. This piece is what I like to call a garment chameleon. You can leave it open and wear with a pair of shorts and a floaty camisole, button up and tie at the waist or leave it long and floaty with only a few buttons done up in the middle -hello long legs. How cool is this bag? It's by Rainy July (how fitting with the horrible London weather?) I love a pun and this bag is essentially a pun in the form of an accessory as it's made using vintage like swimming caps -it's all lined and fabulous on the inside! The perfect beach companion for your essentials or a sassy addition to your nights outs in the city. A conversation starter and basically all the things you want from a bag. 

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