3 activewear outfits inspired by the OA with Farfetch

6 February 2017

the oa, brit marling, collage, farfetch, activewear, outfit inspiration

If you are a Netflix and chill kinda person, chances are you might have binged on the OA already. No? Okay fine, suit yourself. In case you haven't seen it but wish to see it in the future, you are safe here, this post does not contain spoilers. I would never do that. 

I found this science fiction series masterfully made with great cinematography, soundtrack, moving performances, a truly mesmerizing and hair-raising choreography and heaps of wardrobe inspiration. Every other scene I was like dang Prairie, you did it again girl. 

It was captivating and looked and felt nothing like other series in the same genre, the artistic direction went beyond what you expect of sci fi. Abstract, powerful and unusual, I was struggling to make sense of everything but it kind of all pieced together in the end, what makes it so powerful is the fact that I haven't seen anything like it before. My favorite scenes were the ones where the actors performed the Movements, beautifully choreographed by Ryan Heffington -the guy responsible for SIA's Chandelier choreography. 

Brit Marling is definitely body goals with her lean figure and dancer's fluid movements, she wore so many cool activewear pieces throughout the 8 episodes of the first season. Farfetch invited me to take part in an exclusive competition and I made an edit of my most favorite pieces from their activewear range, re-imagining myself as Prairie Johnson / the OA dancing my way to parallel universes and looking good while doing it.  

 the oa, brit marling, collage, farfetch, activewear, outfit inspiration
Trainers Nike 
Backpack Moncler
Earphones Master & Dynamic
Windbreaker Satisfy
Leggings Nike
Cropped Jumper Ellery

the oa, brit marling, collage, farfetch, activewear, outfit inspiration
Raincoat Isabel Marant
Hoodie Amiri
Leggings Y-3
Sneakers Ports 1961
Barrel bag Alexander Wang

the oa, brit marling, collage, farfetch, activewear, outfit inspiration
Herringbone coat Joseph
Joggers Burberry
Wrap V neck top Live the Process
Beanie Danielapi


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  1. I also have bought the patterned leggings and the tank tops from the brand beyond yoga. I love the design of the leggings a lot and these can be worn for casual looks too. I love to pair them up with a nice button up shirt dress and they are perfect for the outing as well.


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